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Our Services

Exceptional care, Naturally.

Antenatal Care

From Conception Till Birth

We provide a bespoke package for every woman during the beautiful journey to bring life. Whatever the peculiarities of your pregnancy, we are prepared to guide you through every step. Options of pain management during labour will be discussed while we plan for a seamless birthing experience.


Pain Management In Labour

Just Like The Hebrew Women

Several safe options of pain management will be offered to give you a seamless and truly unforgettable experience on your way to bring life into the world


Free family Planing

For Your health And Peace Of Mind

Family planning (contraception) is any method, medicine, or device used to prevent pregnancy. You have several options, knowing that some will work better than others at preventing pregnancy. The type of birth control you use depends on your health, your desire to have children now or in the future, and your need to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Your doctor can help you decide which type is best for you right now.
All forms of contraception at Mediqués Plus are free. These include, subdermal implants, Intrauterine devices, pills and injections. Our doctors and midwives will provide counsel, helping you to make the best choice that suits your demands and needs.
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For A Healthy And Happy Heart

Our in – house team of Cardiologists provide up-to-date treatment and monitoring of patients with Hypertension and other cardiovascular disorders. You could also choose one of our Heart screening plans to know the status of your heart and blood vessels.
To find out more, please contact us!

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Get The Glow You Desire

Our dermatology department helps patients who are experiencing problems with acute and chronic skin disease, stretch marks, acne, skin cancers, urticaria and allergies in a hospital setting.



A Woman's World

Headed by a Seasoned Gynaecologist, this team deals with all medical issues relating to the female uro-genital system including (but not limited to) Subfertility, Fibroids, and other uterine masses, Ovarian tumors, Urogynaecology and the management of gynaecological cancers.


Cosmetic Surgery

Look Good, Feel Better

Our Plastic/Reconstructive/Aesthetic surgery team is concerned with ensuring that you feel as comfortable in your body. Using modern techniques in safety, they will help you overcome any insecurities.
To schedule an appointment, please contact us!


Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Nothing Tastes as Good As Health

The Gastroenterology department deals with problems of the digestive system and includes gastrointestinal surgery and we will shortly commence endoscopy services.
Some of the issues we specialise in include diseases of the liver, intestines, biliary system and irritable bowel disease.
Our specialist department offers out-patient and in-patient services. If you would like to find out more, please contact us!


The Breast Clinic

Get It Off Your Chest

Our aim is to deliver expert, patient focused care, to diagnose and treat patients with breast problems and breast cancer within and outside the region. It brings together a breast assessment unit, chemotherapy services and breast surgery when required.



Ur-ine Good Hands

This is a clinic designed to assess people who are having difficulty with the bladder, urethra, prostate and kidneys. symptoms.
If you would like to find out more, please contact us!



Caring For Your Kidneys

We operate several services for patients with kidney disorders or diseases. These services include renal outpatient clinics, co-ordination of renal dialysis, kidney transplants, and post transplant care


Sexual Health Clinic

Wrap It Up

We offer a wide range of confidential services, including STI testing, treatment, contraception (including long-acting and emergency), pregnancy testing, PEP, and specialist young people’s services. We also run a Sexual Assault Referral Centre that provides care to survivors of sexual abuse.
To contribute to this service, Please contact us!


Ear, Nose and Throat

Say Aaaah...

The ENT department offers a full range of adult ENT services. We run both a general ENT clinic and a variety of specialised and multidisciplinary clinics. We are proud to offer a state of the art ENT service, backed up by a wonderful team and good latest technology. This allows us to offer an exceptional service to our patients.


Work/School/Travel Examinations

For Your Health And Safety

Looking to be certified fit for a role, school or thinking of getting vaccinations and travel advice? Our team of Occupational Health specialists has a tailored plan for you.
To schedule an appointment, please contact us!


Physiotherapy Consultations

Suppprt, when you need it

Physical therapy and other supportive services will help you deal with chronic pain without the need for drugs, avoiding surgery, improved mobility, recovery from injury, strokes or paralysis and improved balance.


Paediatrics and Adolescent Health

A Happier, Healthier You

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed. Schedule this service today or feel free to stop by anytime.

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